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Release v7.30003.0

Release info

Release date: 13-03-2023

Available for: BC SaaS. BC19, BC20, BC21 On-Premises.

Modules: Commerce 365 for Magento core

Github download link:

Breaking change: Configuration templates are now customer templates

In previous versions we still used configuration templates to define default values for creating customer records. Now this has changed to using customer templates. We decided not to automatically convert any existing configuration templates to customer templates. So this is something to take care of manually. 

Click here to read more about this change on

Click here to read more about this change in this knowledge base.

VAT mapping improvements

With this release we added full support for tax group code > tax class mapping. Before mapping was only possible by using VAT product posting groups. 

VAT business posting group mapping has been extend. For incoming orders, as of this release you can specify per combination of store view, country code (ship-to or sell-to), which VAT business posting group should be applied.

Virtual products

Until this release Commerce 365 for Magento supported simple, configurable and grouped items. This has now been extended with support for virtual items as well.

Extended REST API check 

If you open the setup card you will now also see the installation status of the Commerce 365 for Magento Extended REST API module. 

Based-on attribute set

Just as when creating a new attribute set via the Magento backend, you can now select a based-on attribute set when creating one in Business Central. Select any other attribute set and its structure (groups and attributes) will be copied into the new attribute set. 

Shipping lines

Sales lines that are created from Magento shipping costs are now marked as such. This makes it easier if you want to format those in the Magento My Account area. 

Item data import

The Excel item data import is extended with the possibility to use fields Category 1 .. Category 9. Just fill in a category code, and your item will automatically be linked to that category. 

Fixes and improvements

Price calculation workdate. 

Multiple improvements and enhancements in the Magento - BC import modules.

Fully automated installation and onboarding

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