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The complete shipping solution

Commerce 365 for EasyPost is the Business Central shipping solution for the US/CA market. 

Multi-carrier shipping for ecommerce

EasyPost in BC

Is shipping slowing down your business? EasyPost lets you put your shipping processes on autopilot, and instantly connect 100+ carriers worldwide in just a few clicks.

Connect to and compare rates across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and many more through a single integration.

Are you looking for label creation, tracking information or address validation? EasyPost has it all. And now, with Commerce 365 for EasyPost, all these services can be used directly from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

From 0 to shipping in 5 minutes

Easy setup

Using Commerce 365 for Easypost, you can start shipping boxes in only a few minutes. This extension is fully integrated into Business Central's logistical flows. It enables you to process your orders as usual and sends your sales shipments directly to Easypost.

Besides making it all work super easy, we also aim to make these products as developer friendly as possible. Our apps contain many events to make them your own.

Automatically create parcels while posting

Posting process

Depending on your settings, Commerce 365 for Easypost can ship your orders directly from your document posting process. Just ship as you always do and our app will take care of creating a label at the carrier(s) of your choice.

Your shipping labels in Business Central

Labels + Track & Trace

Your shipping labels are available in Business Central in all supported formats. Print them on your normal or label printers without any extra steps.

The tracking numbers of your posted parcels are also available in Business Central. Just open your sales order or posted sales shipment to track the status of your parcels.

Print labels on local printers

Advanced Cloud Printing

The Advanced Cloud Printing features allows you to send carrier labels directly to local printers with one click. It even supports routing to send the right labels to the right label printers based on location and/or the current user. No more hassle with manually printing PDF labels!

Of course this printing feature not only takes care of the labels, it will also print all shipment and customs documents on the right printers as well.

Control everything from your handheld

Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS

With the integration of Easypost and Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS, your warehouse employees never have to get back to that computer that is running Business Central. They can keep working on their Zebra and Honeywell devices, and as soon as they complete a packing task in Tasklet Mobile WMS, a shipment is booked via Easypost and the carrier labels are automatically printed on the right printer.

Integration between Easypost and our other apps

Seamless integration

Commerce 365 for Easypost integrates seamlessly with our Commerce 365 suite of apps.

For example, when you are running Commerce 365 for Magento to integrate your Magento with Business Central, the Easypost track & trace information is automatically made available on all shipments.

And when using Commerce 365 for ChannelEngine you definitely want to look into shipping with Commerce 365 for Easypost as well!