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Best of both worlds! Dynamics NAV & Magento

It all just works out of the box

Fully integrated

Working with NAVcommerce means that you never have to worry about the technicalities of integration. It is just there. No mapping, no nerdy details. Just, publish products, add attributes, invite customers and it all works, integrated, out of the box.

Besides making it all work super easy, we also aim to make these products as developer friendly as possible.

Be sure to check out the online manual if you want to know about every detail within the application. 

Product Information Management


NAVcommerce comes with a complete PIM module. With this add-on you will get all the product information management features you need to manage your Magento catalogue, directly in Dynamics NAV.

You can add (rich) texts, in multiple languages. You can manage images, videos and documents. There is an intuitive category management module. (see below)

And, most important, NAVcommerce fully supports the highly flexible attribute mechanism on which Magento is built. 

As flexible as it can get


Magento is completely built on the concept of attributes. It does not use a fixed set of fields. Items, categories, customers, etc.. are all highly flexible because they are all made up out of attributes. And new attributes can be added everywhere. 

With NAVcommerce these attributes can be managed directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can define what an attribute should look like and how it should behave. Should it be filter on the front-end? Or do you need a hidden attribute that informs the system on how to behave when an item is out of stock?

If you want to publish a catalogue that stands out, you cannot go without attributes!

Drag & drop enabled

Category management

Managing one or more category structures is as easy as it can get. NAVcommerce adds full drag & drop category management to Dynamics NAV. Want to add a new category? Just click right and do so. 

If you want to take category management to a whole different level, that is also possible. NAVcommerce is made as developer friendly as possible. So in this case, just use our internal API's to simply create new categories, or to add and remove items from categories, based on your own business rules. 

Order processing completely automated

Web orders

NAVcommerce automatically imports Magento web orders in real-time. You can choose to manually convert web orders into real sales orders, or you can automate the complete process. 

You can also enrich the check-out / purchasing experience with additional attributes. With this you can enable buyers to add comments or to select a desired delivery date. But you can also use it to gather additional information about the customer. 

When an order is shipped or invoiced the extension will also update this information in Magento. 

Invite existing customers & attract new ones

Customer management

With NAVcommerce you have multiple options when it comes to working with customers. Whether you are running a B2B and/or one or more B2C shops, all scenarios are possible. You can invite your existing customers and you can allow new customers to create an account. The options you want to offer can be different per store. 

We also support the use of customer attributes. This means that besides all standard data, you can also create custom attributes. Whether you want to offer payment options based on the Business Central credit limit, or you want to send additional segmentation & personalization parameters to Magento. It is all possible.