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Commerce 365 for Magento - B2B

The core Commerce 365 product contains all functionalities needed for both B2C and B2B stores. More specific B2B features can be added by installing this module.

Add full BC capabilities to Magento

Prices & Discounts

When it comes to prices and discounts Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has much more capabilities than Magento. As a BC user you can create price lists on a customer specific level, on group level, and all kinds of combinations. 

In the past there were sales prices and sales line discounts. Today there is also the so-called new pricing experience. And for the coming year Microsoft still supports both. 

With the B2B module all of this is covered. After enabling the module, customers will all see their own specific prices and discounts. Tier pricing is also supported. 

See all quotes, orders, shipments, invoices and credits

Sales Document History

The B2B module also adds the capability to show your customers all historical sales documents. It does not matter whether an order was placed through the website, over the phone or through an EDI mechanism. With this module your customers can browse through all their quotes, orders, shipments, invoices and credit memos. 

Of course you do not have publish all these documents. Per entity you can set whether it should be visible or not, and how many months or years of historical information you want to make available. 

Customers can also download and print the original PDF document.  

A Magento login for each BC contact


The B2B module also gives you the ability start working with sub-accounts. This means that each Business Central contact can have their own Magento login. 

Once you start handing out logins for contacts, the primary account, on customer level, will become the main account, and all new logins are added as sub-accounts. 

Fully automated installation and onboarding

Install via AppSource

Click on the AppSource button, install the free trial and just follow the instructions