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Customer Accounts

Inviting customers

The customer card within Commerce 365 extends the original Business Central customer card. Go to Sales > Customers to see all customers that are currently entitled to use your web store. To add existing customers to this list, go to your standard customer list, open a customer card, and click on the interactive Magento Status field to either create or open the Magento account card for this customer.

A notification will be shown to inform you that you can now complete the customer account and send an invitation email.

Allowing new customers to register

Besides sending invites to existing customers you can also allow new customers to register through your webstore. There are multiple ways to collect the new account information, but by default new account data is imported into Business Central when a new customer places a first sales order.

When new customers are imported, you can apply a Customer Template based on the combination of Store View and Country Code. Go to Master Data > Store Views, select a Store View, and click on Related > Customer Templates.

These Customer Templates can be used apply a predefined set of values to every new customer record that gets created. 

Breaking change: Until version 6 of Commerce 365 for Magento the software used Configuration Templates. With version 7 this has changed to Customer Templates. Make sure to create / select customer templates when upgrading from V6 to V7.

Fully automated installation and onboarding

Install via AppSource

Click on the AppSource button, install the free trial and just follow the instructions