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New Sales Pricing Experience

As of Commerce 365 for Magento - B2B Module version 19.5.29547.0 the new sales pricing experience is supported. 

This new way of handling pricing was mainly added by Microsoft in order to allow ISVs to customize price calculations in Business Central. In its default configuration it still comes with the 'lowest price/best price calculation', and that calculation method is fully supported by our software. As this standard price mechanism is already highly flexible, it will be sufficient for most customers. 

Activating the new sales pricing experience

Go to Feature Management. The easiest way to get here is to just search for 'Features'. 

On this page, find the line for Feature Update: New sales pricing experience. By enabling this for All Users, you activate this new feature. 

Be aware, this is irreversible. Switching to the new experience, will remove all data from table 7002 (Sales Price) and 7004 (Sales Line Discount). The data from these tables will be migrated to table 7001 (Price List Line). 

I do want to use custom code for pricing 

As mentioned before, most probably you are fine using the standard Lowest Price price calculation. But it might be that you want to implement custom code for price calculations. In this case, we strongly advise to discuss and test the possible impact on the prices that are listed on your Magento stores. Your customizations might require some changes on our side as well. Please contact your implementation partner or [email protected] if this is the case. 

ISV modules

If you are an ISV and you want to offer your users standard compatibility with our solutions, please also contact [email protected], so we can discuss what is needed to accomplish this. 

Fully automated installation and onboarding

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