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Release v5.29569.0

Release info

Release date: 05 Mar 2022

Available for: BC17, BC18, BC19, BC20 On-Premises. BC SaaS.

Github download link:

Business Central v20 support

With this release we have already made Commerce 365 for Magento compatible with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 (v20).

Azure Storage - File Share support for Media - Phase 1

This new media storage type allows you to manage and store all your item images in an Azure Storage File Share location. For now, switching to this storage type means that you have to manage all images within the Azure location. In phase 2 this will become a fully hybrid solution where you can manage images both in Azure and within Business Central.

Improved order data import

To prevent unexpected behaviour when customers enter exceptionally long lines of text for shipping addresses, or telephone numbers with all kinds of strange characters in them, we have added many additional checks and data cleanup functions.

Copy attribute sets

To speed up the creation of new attributes sets we have added a copy function. This will copy both groups and attributes from one attribute set to another.

Improved display of categories

When linking categories to an item, you will now see the full category structure, instead of just category codes. We also added a dedicated lookup page for working with larger categories trees.

Events added around attribute value mapping    

To add custom logic before, instead or after the attribute mapping mechanism processes a value we have added new events.

Core application

In many areas we have made changes to improve stability and performance.

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Minor fixes and enhancements have been implemented in this latest version of Commerce 365 for Magento. This includes the improved handling of deleted item variants, pricing at website level, improved error messages and more notifications and progress dialogs.

Upgrading always connects your BC to the production APIs

As of this release, any instance that has a Hub API URL which connects it to a staging environment, will be automatically reconnected to the production API. This is now part of the standard procedures within the extension upgrade process.

Fully automated installation and onboarding

Install via AppSource

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