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As software developers we know how important it is for other developers to be able to properly extend our applications.

To accomplish most of the development requirements we mainly focus on 2 things. Events and internal API’s.

Events everywhere

Using events is the preferred way to extend our application, and we try to add them everywhere where it makes sense. On the next pages in this online manual you will find all events which are currently available. But if you require one or more additional events to accomplish your custom development project, please let us know, and we will add newly requested events in the next release. 

Many of these events also implement the handled pattern, just as Microsoft does in the standard BC events. With this you can either say, I’m adding logic before or after the standard application has done it’s work, or I’m completely taking over the logic in a certain area.

Fully automated installation and onboarding

Install via AppSource

Click on the AppSource button, install the free trial and just follow the instructions