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Release v5.29546.0

Release info

Release date: 16 Oct 2021

Available for: BC16, BC17, BC18, BC19 On-Premises. BC SaaS.

Modules: Commerce 365 for Magento core, Commerce 365 for Magento - B2B module

Github download link:

Github download link: 

Business Central 19 support

With this release we have made Commerce 365 for Magento compatible with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Wave 2 (v19).

Excel item data import

The BC UI for our product works as smooth and intuitive as possible. But, still, if you have to do a lot of bulk work, Excel is unbeatable. Of course there was always the possibility to use Rapid Start. But the new Excel import module you can import data much easier. Settings, fields and attributes can all be put in the same single Excel row. For more details, see the manual page on this topic:

New sales order attribute API functions

Now that Commerce 365 fully supports the Amasty Order Attributes module, we have also created an internal API to make it as easy as possible to work with the sales order attribute data. 

With just one line of code you can get the data for any attribute, anywhere you like. 

ProjectCode := SalesOrderAPI.GetStagingOrderAttributeValue(OrderHeader, 'project_code');

See for more details go to:

Overall UX improvements & improved error messages

As always we try to improve the user experience where possible. But this time we put a lot of extra effort into making the extension work smoother and more user friendly everywhere where possible. We also looked at every possible error message to make them as useful as they can be. 

Fixes and optimizations on role center pages

A few issues were reported around the role center pages that come with Commerce 365 for Magento. All of these have been processed, and we even added a few more features to those role centers. 

Fixes and optimizations on sales order creation process

Optionally you can now use a separate number series for web orders. The staging order page shows has more fields (behind the show more link). Per store you can now enable/disable order processing. 

Fixes and optimizations around category management

Categories now have a detail page where you can manage all related settings. Two issues were reported around promoting sub categories to top level categories. Both have been fixed.

Visibility can now be set on store view level

The ability to set product visibility on a store specific level was still missing. This has now been added. 

New item attribute API functions

Several new functions have been added to the item attribute API. 

Whether you want to set, clear or copy an attribute value, all is now possible through the use of this API codeunit. There is also an API function to set configurable attributes and to manage attribute option values. 

Fully automated installation and onboarding

Install via AppSource

Click on the AppSource button, install the free trial and just follow the instructions