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Sendcloud Shipments

List page

After creating a new Sendcloud Shipment from either a Sales Order or a Posted Sales Shipment, you can find it in the Sendcloud Shipment List. To view your Sendcloud Shipment and perform actions in it, go to your role center and click on the Sendcloud > Shipments action in the top menu.

Card page

From the list, click on a shipment to open the card that contains more details and actions.


PostPosts all parcels in the shipment to the Sendcloud portal.
CancelCancels all parcels in the shipment on the Sendcloud portal.
UpdateUpdates all parcels in the shipment from the Sendcloud portal.
PrintPrints all labels for the shipments on a local printer.
*Only enabled if Advanced Cloud Printing is enabled in the Sendcloud Setup.


This section describes the general fields for the Sendcloud Shipment.

FieldPossible ValuesDescription
Order No.*Contains the Order No. of the source order of the shipment. The value of this field will be used as the order no. on the Sendcloud portal.
Apply Shipping RulesYes
Specifies if shipping rules should be applied to the shipment in the Sendcloud portal.


This section describes the ship-to fields for the Sendcloud Shipment.

FieldPossible ValuesDescription
Specifies the ship-to type.

Customer: The receiver is a customer.

Vendor: The receiver is a vendor.
No.*Specifies the customer or vendor no. of the receiver.
Name*Specifies the name of the receiver.
Contant*Specifies the contact of the receiver.
Address*Specifies the address of the receiver.
Post Code*Specifies the post code of the receiver.
City*Specifies the city of the receiver.
County*Specifies the county of the receiver.
Country/Region Code*Specifies the country/region code of the receiver.
Email*Specifies the email address of the receiver.
Phone No,*Specifies the phone no. of the receiver.


This section describes the parcels for the Sendcloud Parcel.


Add ParcelAdds a new parcel to the shipment.
PostPosts the selected parcel(s) to Sendcloud.
CancelCancels the selected parcel(s) at Sendcloud.
UpdateUpdates the selected parcel(s) from the Sendcloud portal.
Download LabelDownloads the carrier labels to your device.
Print LabelPrints the parcel label for the shipments on a local printer.
*Only enabled if Advanced Cloud Printing is enabled in the Sendcloud Setup.
Delete LineDeletes the selected parcel(s).


FieldPossible ValuesDescription
No.*The number of the parcel.
Description*The description of the parcel.
No. of Items*Number of items assigned to the parcel in the 

Assigned Items (Selected Parcel) list.

Weight (kg)*The total weight of the parcel in kg.
Status*The status of the parcel at the Sendcloud portal.
Tracking No.*The tracking number assigned by the carrier.
Shipment Method*The shipment method of the parcel.
Price*The shipping price for the parcel.

Assigned Items (Selected Parcel)

This section describes the assigned items for the Sendcloud Parcel.

FieldPossible ValuesDescription
Parcel No.*Specifies the parcel the item is assigned to.
To assign the item to a different parcel, simply select the new parcel from the dropdown list.
Source Type


Sales Order

Posted Sales Shipment

The source of the item.

Item: The item is entered directly on the shipment page.

Sales Order: The item originates from a Sales Order.

Posted Sales Shipment: The item originates from a Posted Sales Shipment.

Source No.*Specifies the source no. of the item.
Source Line No.*Specifies the source line no. of the item.
Location Code*Specifies the location code where the item originates from.
Item No.*Specifies the no. of the item.
Description*Specifies the description of the item.
Quantity*Specifies the quantity of the item in the parcel.
Unit Price*Specifies the unit price of the item.
Unit Cost*Specifies the unit cost of the item.
Weight (kg)*Specifies the weight of a single item in the parcel.

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