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Release v1.10328.0

Release info

Release date: 18-12-2022

Available for: BC SaaS. BC21 On-Premises.

Modules: Commerce 365 for Sendcloud

Github download link: 


  • The Shipping Agent and Service of the selected shipment method at Sendcloud are now written back to the Posted Sales Shipment.
  • A job queue entry for updating shipments in the background is now created during installation of the app.
  • Customs type and Customs Invoice No. have been added to the Sendcloud shipment.
  • Archiving of shipments has been added. The shipments group in the on the role centers have been split up into two options. Active Shipments contain all shipments with pending deliveries. Completed Shipments contains all fully completed shipments.
  • A new section called Labels has been added to the role centers. Active Labels contain all labels that are out for delivery. Completed Labels contains all completed labels.
  • The External Document No. of source documents have been added to the Sendcloud shipments.
  • Additional Insured Value is now optional field on the Parcel list. When this field is empty, only the carrier insurance applies.

A renewed design of the shipments overview. Shipments are now split into active and completed shipments. 

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect line amount on the Parcel Items.
  • Empty parcels factbox on the Sales Order and Posted Sales Shipment when the Sendcloud shipment wasn't posted yet.
  • An error was thrown in certain cases when opening a Sales Order or Posted Sales Shipment with a Sendcloud shipment attached.

Fully automated installation and onboarding

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