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Where is my item?

Here is a checklist you can use to troubleshoot a missing item:

  • Has the item been released in Commerce 365?
  • What value is set for the Status field? This should be set to Enabled. When set to Disabled, an item can never be found on the Magento front-end.
  • What value is set for the Visibility setting for this item? When set as Not visible individually, an item will only be shown as part of another item (grouped / configurable), but not on its own. 
  • Is the item out-of-stock? When the inventory value is 0, the item is marked as out-of-stock, and will not be shown on the front end. Enable backorders to make out-of-stock items visible.
  • If you have checked all of the above, and you believe that everything is set as it should, but items are still not visible, then the reason probably is a configuration error. Please contact your Magento developer to discuss the more technical checklist below.

Technical reasons for items not being shown on the Magento front-end:

  • Configuration of caching. If caches are not updated because of missing configuration or missing cron jobs, then you might be looking at old information. 
  • Configuration of indexing. If indexes are not updated because of missing configuration or missing cron jobs, you also might be looking at old information for a too long period of time. 
  • Technical errors in 3rd party Magento modules. Modules that affect product listings which are throwing errors might also prevent items from being displayed in the front-end. 

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