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Shopify & Business Central

Looking for a more light weight solution compared to Magento? Add ecommerce to your Business Central with the Shopify extension. 

And now...

It's a service!

For some time Commerce 365 for Shopify was a product we were working on. Then came the news that Microsoft was going to include a similar extension in the Business Central base application.

Not knowing what exactly this extension was going to look like, we decided to move our development capacity to other projects. As of May 2022, BC v20.1, the Microsoft Shopify extension is officially released, and at NVision we have decided to turn Commerce 365 for Shopify into a service. 

Being an official Shopify partner and because we have worked with the Shopify platform for quite a long time, we have all the knowledge needed to properly implement the Microsoft Shopify extension. So if you are looking for a BC + Shopify technology partner feel free to reach out!