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This about your item attributes

One of the key features of our PIM is the item attribute system. Item attributes can be used for virtually every additional piece of information you want to add to your items. For us as software developers / vendor this is also a very important part. Because this makes that with one standard system we can serve most markets. No matter what kind of products you have. Whether its wooden furniture, where attributes like 'type of wood', 'color' and 'size' are important, or laptops where you want to use attributes like 'CPU speed', 'screen size' and 'HDD type'. Just define your attributes and attribute sets, and apply them to your items.

The use of item attributes can make or break your online shop. If you don't use them, your customer has to have deep knowledge of your products, otherwise they cannot find anything. And if you do have them but don't use them correctly, you still don't get much results.

On the other hand, if you have invested some time in gathering as much information as possible, you might be able to get some really good results. If you don't have much information available, your vendors, manufacturers or services like Icecat might be able to help you.

About the author

Erik van Rijn

CTO @ NVision - Focusses on Business Central, Microsoft Azure, E-commerce, .NET Core & Blockchain Technology

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