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PIMs compared

When demonstrating then PIM capabilities of our software we quite often hear people saying things like 'So, I get a complete PIM when I start working with your solution. Why are there other companies that develop just a PIM and sell their solution for a price much and much higher than yours?' 

By other companies they usually mean Perfion or Allium. And why these comments usually go directly into the direction of pricing is because of the ridiculous prices of these solutions. To be honest, we don't compare them every month, so there might be something super cool in the last version they have release. But, besides that, no, there isn't much difference in functionality when you compare all solutions in terms of web item data management. What those others do have, is some features for print catalogs, but as print is totally not our focus area (we think print is dead anyway) we didn't bother to put in those kind of things. And still, if you just want to export our PIM data for whatever purpose (could be print) you can of course do that. 

Here is list of feedback from customers who compare these products

Allium Perfion NAVcommerce PIM module
Main focus is print Focuses on print and web Focus on web
Huge and old application, not available for recent NAV versions Still up to date Redeveloped 2016
All data in NAV External system All data in NAV
NAV/AX Many systems NAV only
Overly complex, over 400 tables in NAV   Light weight design but highly flexible
No integrations 3rd party integrations needed Integration included
Expensive Expensive Free

About the author

Tys van den Heuvel

Product Manager @ NVision. Ask me about BC/AL, Magento, Adobe Commerce, Azure and cycling. 

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