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Many new Excel import features added

Of course Dynamics NAV has RapidStart Services. And if you have invested some time to master RapidStart, you might actually get quite close to importing most of your e-commerce / PIM data in to the NAVcommerce tables. But, to be honest, most reactions we received when we told people to use RapidStart were not too enthusiastic. Rapid start is fine for a flat list of items, but when you want to import items with attribute definitions and attribute values all at the same time, it because quite cumbersome. 

So we took our drawing board and started by defining what we thought would be the easiest to use Excel files to import all NAVcommerce data. And that was it. We created those Excel files, checked whether they were complete and flexible at the same time. And then it was just a matter of programming and testing :)

The result; If you want to start your NAVcommerce implementation and your PIM data is located in all kinds of systems. Just download our import sheets. Gather all that data. And then import everything all at once. Besides Excel sheets you can also use html and txt files for rich text content, and images can be imported by simply selecting folders that contain product images.  

About the author

Tys van den Heuvel

Product Manager @ NVision. Ask me about BC/AL, Magento, Adobe Commerce, Azure and cycling. 

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