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Business Central pilot program

The Business Central on-premise version is already available in standard FOB/CAL format. But that was relatively easy as this is just the next C/AL based version of NAV. You could call it NAV 2019. 

But, Business Central Online is a whole other story. Business Central Online is a whole new platform, and it no longer supports C/AL based code. So for this BC version our development team is rebuilding the whole NAVcommerce (new BC name to be announced soon) application from scratch in the form of an AL based extension. 

At the moment we are finishing phase 2 out of 3 of the development work, which means that all base functionalities are available. In phase 3 we will also port all the advanced NAVcommerce features to the BC extension. The Business Central Online version will eventually contain all the features that can be found in the NAV version. 

About the author

Tys van den Heuvel

Product Manager @ NVision. Ask me about BC/AL, Magento, Adobe Commerce, Azure and cycling. 

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